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Online simultaneous translation | Webinars & virtual events

Online simultaneous translation for webinars and virtual events.

Do you need simultaneous interpretation for your webinars, video conferences, workshops, virtual events, hybrid events and online meetings via Zoom, Webex, Meet or your own platform?

From a brief webinar to a large online event, at SENTAMANS Traductores we work with all compatible platforms to help you to reach participants worldwide from Amsterdam, Beijing, Brussels, LondonMadridNairobi, New YorkParis, Rome or any other city.

Without language barriers – English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic. With 10+ years of experience at high-level events.

Take your event to a whole new level


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      Add recording, 4K broadcasting and audiovisual production with our Virtual Studio

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      Benefit from the world’s leading specialists, regardless of where they live

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      Expand your virtual events to thousands of attendees across the world and across language barriers

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      Boost your venue’s profitabiliy – reduced on-site audience with an unlimited virtual audience

    All it takes is one phone call

    All with the absolute peace of mind that we always offer at SENTAMANS Traductores so you can focus on your event. No latency (signal delays), no audio interruptions, no drops in the internet connection.

    Thanks to our extensive experience in events at the highest level since 2010, we guarantee business as usual for all your conferences, video conferences, webinars, workshops, talks, meetings, board meetings, virtual events and hybrid events.

    Seamless integration with your platform

    webex - sentamans

    When juggling audio and video streams with simultaneous translation and participants’ variable internet connections, any number of factors may force you to interrupt or even postpone your conference: don’t take risks, find out why all our clients recommend us.




    Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI), also known as remote simultaneous translation, is the ideal solution for incorporating live translation into your webinars, video conferences and virtual events during COVID-19 or in times of travel restrictions. We take care of all your communication needs so that you can focus on your event with complete peace of mind.

    In events with remote simultaneous interpreting, the speakers and participants are in different physical locations, as are the translators (or “interpreters”) and sound technicians; they are all connected to the same virtual space via an online platform. Within this environment, all the speakers and participants speak in their mother tongue and, whenever someone speaks another language, they listen to the simultaneous translation on their computer or mobile phone.

    This service can be:



    From your own meeting or conference room, with external participants connected virtually (Zoom, Skype, Webex or bespoke platform) and with a team of on-site interpreters and sound technicians in the room where the meeting or event is being held.


    Fully virtual

    With all participants in different physical locations and no simultaneous interpreters or technical staff in your meeting or conference room.

    In this mode, we virtualise all technical support. Thanks to our physical hub and our software platform:


      • Your computer becomes your microphone and your virtual camera
      • Your headphones become your virtual simultaneous translation headset
      • You can also use your smartphone as a virtual microphone, camera, or simultaneous translation headset

    From our remote sound room, we manage all audio and video signals, and send each participant the corresponding audio feed in their mother tongue.

    As with any regular meeting, you can share documents such as reports, videos, PowerPoint presentations and more on screen.

    Furthermore, thanks to our 100% digital technology and our dual redundant fibre optic line, we guarantee that your video conference will not be interrupted by sound or internet connection issues.

    Both types of remote simultaneous interpreting are suitable for courses, workshops, webinars, board meetings, conferences, and short meetings in the event of coronavirus/COVID-19 travel restrictions. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

    At SENTAMANS Traductores we do not just translate words. We guarantee that the success of your event will exceed your expectations:

    More sales, more attendees, maximum participant satisfaction… your goals are our goals.

    Find out here why our clients recommend us.

    Additional services for webinars and video conferences


    Virtual Studio

    Our unique expertise in communication, technical equipment and major events allows us to offer you a service that sets us apart from the rest.

    → Corporate identity

    →  Sound check before kick-off and testing of speakers’ and participants’ connections, sound assessment and technical monitoring during the event

    →  Audiovisual production, recording and 4K broadcasting

    →  Administration of the required subscription to Zoom, Webex or your preferred platform according to the requirements of the webinar or video conference (Pro, Business, Enterprise, Premium, etc.) 

    All your needs covered in one phone call.

    Interpretación de enlace

    Virtual Event Manager: moderator and technical manager of webinars and video conferences

    Another service that sets us apart from the rest thanks to our unique expertise in communication, technical equipment and major events.

    Our Virtual Event Manager, a bilingual specialist who combines both virtual event moderation and technical sound management functions, handles all additional tasks in webinars and video conferences so that you can focus on your virtual event with peace of mind:

    → Creation of event in line with corporate identity, registration and voting management, and participation reporting

    → Moderation of speaking turns, chat, and participants’ questions in all meeting languages

    → Management of simultaneous interpretation (allocation of interpreters, sound control) in up to 9 languages

    → Administration of the required subscription to Zoom, Webex or your preferred platform according to the requirements of the webinar or video conference (Pro, Business, Enterprise, Premium, etc.)

    All your needs covered in one phone call.


    Simultaneous interpreting (simultaneous translation/live translation)

    The interpreter translates the speaker’s message into another language in real time. Interpreters convey the message from a soundproof booth to attendees who listen through a receiver and headset system. Given the enormous concentration required by this technique, on assignments that exceed a certain amount of time we work in pairs to ensure maximum precision.

    Simultaneous interpretation from and into Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese, Arabic or Turkish.

    This is our flagship service. Optimal sound quality and the most popular interpreting mode for conferences.

    alquiler de equipo técnico

    Rental of technical equipment

    We provide all the equipment you need for your event, whether it is a short visit or an international congress that lasts several days.

    Simultaneous interpretation booths, sound equipment, PA systems, headsets and receivers, infoport and tour guide systems… we have everything you need.


    Consecutive interpreting

    The speaker gives a speech or presentation in segments (of approximately one to five minutes), which the interpreter then translates, using a notebook or tablet and a complex note-taking technique. In our case, this technique is the result of years of specialised training, which enables us to fully reproduce the original speech – a skill that untrained interpreters do not possess.

    Consecutive interpretation from and into Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese, Arabic or Turkish.

    This service does not require a booth and only one interpreter is needed. The perfect option for press conferences, business meetings and brief presentations.


    Live captioning

    Computer-assisted real-time transcription, or real-time captioning, is the transcription of spoken word into text to make conferences accessible for deaf people.

    Transcription speed: up to 180 words per minute (higher than the average speaking rate of 150 wpm).

    Requires prior technical visit and on-site technician during the event.

    * It is essential to have a simultaneous interpretation service to translate from the source language to the target language, since real-time transcription from one language (e.g. English) into another (e.g. Spanish) is not possible without simultaneous translation.

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