SENTAMANS Traductores e intérpretes: your best translation and interpreting solution provider since 2010. Simultaneous interpretation and equipment rental. Based in Valencia, we provide services throughout Spain and Europe (Belgium, France, Germany or the UK, amongs other countries).

Find out why our clients congratulate us on a job well done

  • Extensive experience at the highest level: Nobel Laureates (Peace, Economics & Medicine), B20/G20 Summit, Heads of State.
  • Rigorous professionalism: thorough terminological preparation before every conference.
  • Comprehensive service: all you need for your turnkey event is only a phone call away.
  • Highly qualified: training accredited by the European Commission after a demanding selection process.
  • Transparency: click on Listen to us and judge the quality of our service for yourself.


At SENTAMANS we do not just translate words. We ensure that your event is even more successful than expected.

More sales, larger audiences, higher participant satisfaction levels – your objective will become ours too.

Do not take risks. We offer tried and trusted solutions. Find out why clients all our clients rate us with 5 stars on Google Reviews.

Our services


Simultaneous interpreting

Our flagship service. Optimal sound quality and the most popular interpreting mode for conferences.


Simultaneous interpreting without a booth

Service that offers the same dynamic real-time translation as simultaneous interpretation, at a lower cost. Recommended for short meetings and small groups.

alquiler de equipo técnico

Technical equipment

Simultaneous interpretation booths, sound equipment, PA systems, headsets and receivers, infoport and tour guide systems… we have everything you need.


Consecutive interpreting

Service that does not require a booth and where only one interpreter is needed, who conveys the message using a sophisticated note-taking technique. Perfect for press conferences, business meetings and brief presentations.

interpretacion de enlace

Liaison interpreting

Service in which the interpreter translates for a small group of people. No technical equipment is required and only one interpreter. This option is common in negotiations or official visits.



We translate a text written in another language into our mother tongue. The final product is an impeccable text, reviewed by a second translator, ready to be published or printed in any format.

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